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We propose our Partners cooperation based on templates made of base metal, made in the same technology as the gold wedding rings. In the beginning of cooperation you will receive a set the most popular designs in the exhibition pallets providing the comfort of customer service.

Our design is the result of creative passion and love for the beauty of wedding rings. We offer you complete flexibility in the execution of the projects of your customers. You can freely configure the width, height, colours of gold, texture of finish, the type and number of stones set and the purity of gold. gives all these possibilities in accessible form We offer you our openness to the execution of individual projects, including exclusiveness, not only for network Partners , but for each Customer.

We will gladly hear about your needs and we will consider your ideas on the new design of wedding rings. We are completely open to create new designs based on changes in our designs and completely new projects .

Our consultants with many years of experience are at your disposal. We are still developing, so if a solution today proves difficult or impossible to implement - please contact us at a later date. We will make every effort to respond to all your questions positively. We want to assist you in every aspect of production and sale of wedding rings.

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